Machine Learning

Machine Learning's Impact on Cloud Computing, People have been talking about machine learning for a few years now, since it promises vast benefits that could impact every aspect of human life. Efforts are also being made to develop machine learning to a stage where there will be no human intervention necessary.

This section of Artificial Intelligence which uses machine learning models to learn from data, is seen as the bright future of science - machine learning being the next level of evolution in automation.

When coupled with the power of cloud computing, machine learning could be even more beneficial. This amalgamation is termed 'the intelligent cloud.'

The current usage of cloud involves computing, storage and networking. But with the feature of machine learning infused in the cloud, the capabilities of the cloud will increase vastly. The intelligent cloud becomes capable of learning from the vast amount of data stored in the cloud, to build up predictions and analyse situations. This will serve as an intelligent platform to perform tasks much efficiently.

Cognitive computing

Machine learning in the cloud does exactly this. The large amounts of data stored in the cloud provides a source of information for the machine learning process. With millions of people using the cloud for computing, storage and networking, the already existing data, the millions of processes that happen every day, all provide a source of information for the machine to learn from. The whole process will provide applications in the cloud with sensory capabilities. The applications will be able to perform cognitive functions and make decisions.

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence can become smarter with the introduction of machine learning. Figuring out real time anomalies, identifying and rectifying faults as they are happening and predicting future are some ways that machine learning could help.


The opportunities for IoT are endless. From self-driven cars to smart homes to real time accident predictions, IoT is working towards connecting everything in one web. As the connections and interconnectivity grow, a massive amount of data will be produced. Stored in the cloud, IoT will work better with machine learning.